Women.VC is an independent nonprofit organization aiming to strengthen and develop the world investment industry by introducing women professionals who bring real value. 

There is a big buzz around women underrepresented in different categories in the US and around the globe, whether they are entrepreneurs or actresses, top managers or journalists. In venture capital the proportion of women is even decreasing with years: the number of female partners in US venture capital firms declined from 10% in 1999 to 6% in 2014. However we do not want to continue whining and boiling over these numbers and accusation against our male fellows. We would rather show the Women who have already become members of this "boy’s club", who play with dignity on a level playing field with men, and who have found their own definition of success. We want to find and show true role models to encourage promising women professionals to move forward and give them a boost. We want to replace just words with real numbers, what investment professionals are supposed to do. 

Our goal is to create a mechanism to screen, support and measure performance of women investors as well as to identify, educate and introduce new women to the industry.

With the primary focus on the venture capital industry, Women.VC is committed to: 
- make women investors visible and vocal on latest news and hot topics in mass media; 
- design a comprehensive but affordable educational program on venture capital; 
- prove that women VCs take effective investment decisions by showing concrete results.

Today, there are only about 400 women venture capitalists in the world. We believe, our efforts will help to at least double the number of women in venture capital industry in 5 years. 

We will be happy to answer all your questions! Please, contact us: 

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