Pitching investors is entrepreneurs' full time job, that requires lots of time and patience. Most of the venture capitalists prefer receiving pitches from trusted sources, and usually just ignore all the rest. We wish to help the entrepreneurs to save their time by providing a shortcut to connect with our vast network of brilliant VCs.

Women.VC is a non-profit initiative advancing women in venture capital. We have developed tools that add value to both the entrepreneurs and VCs, and we are now ready to share our access to women investors with relevant startups.

Our E-pitch tool saves time and optimizes effort being a trusted bridge between entrepreneurs and our ever growing network of VCs. It is an easy to use, affordable and efficient startup-pitching solution.


Why would Women VCs read our newsletter? It is NOT a newsletter, but a tool to increase media presence of Women VCs called 'Questions Of The Month'. This is how it works: every month we collect questions from media on venture capital and entrepreneurship topics, send them to all women VCs on our list, collect their answers, forward these answers to journalists, and then, report to women VCs on copies with their comments published. As you can see, this e-mail works for their benefit, i.e. publicity, therefore, its opening rate is high, and the addressees read it carefully.  

'Questions Of The Month' January 2017

'Questions Of The Month' January 2017

Who is on the list? From 2014, we have been compiling a list of all women venture capitalists in the U.S. who actually make investment decisions. As you know, titles at VC firms can be very confusing: not all Principals and even Founding Partners make investment decisions, but there are Associates and Venture Partners who do. We track them all. As of February 2017, there are 307 Women VCs in the U.S. You can find the full list with their names here.  

How to make Women VCs interested in my E-pitch? Investors are busy, everybody knows that. Not to overload them with information, we keep the number of E-pitches low - only 5 e-pitches in one e-mail. We advise to keep your E-pitch short, but sharp; include a precise description of your product or service, but also a call to action. For all the rest there are links. Once singed-up, you will get our guidelines for a great E-pitch, but we will also read your pitch when you submit it and give you feedback before sending it out. Your success is our success, so we are genuinely interested in creating a noticeable E-pitch! 

What 3 e-mails exactly are included in the package? Our standard E-pitch package includes at least 3 e-mails of one 'Questions Of The Month' cycle: first e-mail contains the questions from media we've collected; second e-mail is a reminder of the deadline to answer them; third e-mail is a report of published articles with the collectedcomments of Women VCs. Some articles get published later than others, therefore, we can send more than one reporting e-mail. No matter how many reporting e-mails we send, your E-pitch will be included in all of them. We'll notify you about the total e-mails sent too!

What to do to E-pitch? As described above, the E-pitch package includes at least 3 e-mails sent to all Women VCs from our list. We charge just $495 for that including fees and taxes, which brings us to only $165 per one e-mail sent or even less, if we have additional reporting e-mails. To make investors read your message again and again, we give you an option to update it for each out of 3 e-mails we'll send: share your news, achievements and interesting facts to keep their attention. Once paid, you will receive an e-mail with our schedule, guidelines and ideas for your E-pitch. All the process is automatized, but we are always here for you if you need a hand.     

If you have any questions, please, reach us out and we will be happy to assist:

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