Most of the studies and surveys are based on a sample group of venture funds and/or individuals. As of today, we at Women.VC  are the only team that scan ALL active venture funds, therefore, our numbers are the most accurate in the market after every update. This approach takes much more time, but when it affects the results, we're ready to work more.

Our data is based on the personalized list of women venture capital investors who vote on investment committees and/or make investment decisions on behalf of traditional and corporate venture funds. Individual angels investors and angel groups are not included in the main list.

After scanning available public resources and crunching the numbers, here is the proprietary data we have:

- women venture capital investors who founded the VC firms;

- women venture capital investors who were junior investment professionals before becoming investment partners;

- women venture capital investors who invest on behalf corporate venture capital funds;

- women venture capital investors who have investment banking or management consulting background;

- women venture capital investors whose investment strategy includes funding women-entrepreneurs;

- portfolio of women venture capital investors and its performance.

We share our data selectively, because some of it includes financial information of the third parties. If you are a journalist, a researcher or need any of this data for another reason, please, chat with us (the chat window is on the left side of the screen) or email us to@women.vc.

Thank you for your interest and support!