IBM and Vanity Fair Profiles Notable and Diverse Role Models in S.T.E.M. (newsletter)

I wish I could start my newsletter by celebrating women's achievements in venture capital and private equity industry every week, but I am a well informed optimist, so I've prepared a draft for the week when there will be a gap in such. However, I am not using it this time!

Last week we congratulated Adena Friedman with her appointment as CEO of Nasdaq, which would make her the first woman to lead a major U.S. stock exchange. This week our applause goes to four brilliant women VC and PE investors who made it to the List “40 Under 40 Growth Investors”. Cheers to VCs Sara Nayeem, Partner of New Enterprise Associates and Anne Vazquez, Partner of NewSpring Capital, as well as PE investors Sarah Roth, Partner for Riverside Company and Nishita Cummings, Partner for Kayne Anderson Capital Advisor’s growth private equity activities. 

Also, Abigail Johnson will succeed her father as chairman of Fidelity Investments early December, solidifying her control of the Boston money manager. Our tribe gets more trust and attention, Ladies! Good news! 

Renata George, Chair at Women.VC

Tweet of the week: Jodi Jahic in her recent interview

As well as women self-selecting themselves out of potentially rewarding careers in tech and science, the venture capital sector is responsible for its own failings
— Claudia Iannazzo

Comcast Ventures, the venture fund affiliated with Comcast Corporation, is looking for an Associate to join San Francisco and Palo Alto offices.

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Donna Harris, co-founder of, decided to step down from the venture firm "to be having some very difficult, intellectually honest conversations about the future of our economy." In her Medium post, she gives a peek into her new venture: "This inevitable shift from the industrial era to the digital economy is the largest technology transition in history... The wake this will leave behind has the potential to be either disastrous or game-changing… Everyone recognizes that the world has changed but real solutions for the future seem to elude us."

IBM and Vanity Fair Studios Profiles Notable and Diverse Role Models in S.T.E.M.: Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Ronke OlabisiAnne WojcickiKimberly Bryant, Dr. Jedidah IslerDebbie SterlingDiana Albarrán Chicas, and Dr. Mae Jemison photographed by Amanda Demme.

Women VCs' portfolio  

ReVision Optics with Renee Ryan and Wende Hutton on board, lands new $32M funding. 

Helpshift backed by Susan Choe raised $23M Series B from Microsoft Ventures and Salesforce Ventures.

Web data extraction platform Connotate of Nina Saberi announced $11M Series B.

Indico of Nicole Stata Raises $1.2M to Build Machine Learning Tools for the Financial Sector

Numbers and facts to know

Congrats to Megan Quinn and Spark Capital, whose investments have included Twitter and Cruise Automation, has closed on $1B in commitments.

Arch Venture Partners with Kristina Burow is well along the way to raising a new $550 million-plus fund.

True Wealth Ventures, founded by Kerry Rupp and Sara Brand, receives a federal grant to help their debut fund to invest in women-led companies.

Fund Managers By Gender - Study

Women climb to the top despite of all challenges: NASDAQ is taken over! (newsletter)