Attracting women into VC industry is not an issue; it’s a case of keeping them

As we promised earlier, in the beginning of the next year, we will add women venture investors from Europe to our list and annual report. Starting from this newsletter, we will be introducing them every week to grow your professional network. 
This time, I'd like to introduce Karen McCormick, Chief Investment Officer at Beringea, late stage VC/Early stage PE firm with $600m under management investing across the US and UK. In her recent article, Karen explored ways to increase number of female VCs.
"From my own experience, it isn’t an issue of attracting women into the VC industry; it’s a case of keeping them," she says. "From associate to investment director level, there tends to be a better representation of women, but it decreases quite rapidly at the more senior level."
Karen points out that women VCs should stay relevant if for whatever reason they need to take their time out of daily work. "That might be retaining portfolio roles or attending board meetings while you’re away, going along to industry events or finding other ways to maintain your network that still allows you to balance your life." helps female investors to stay relevant in media and as speakers at industry events. 

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We are rushing to congratulate Vanessa Colella with the appointment as Chief Innovation Officer and CEO of CitiVentures, and Lisa Suennen with becoming the Managing Director at GE Ventures to focus on healthtech!

Also, BostInno's 50 on Fire, the annual awards celebration highlighting the city's hottest influencers and innovators, named not less than 4 women VCs on its list: Devon McDonald, partner at OpenView Venture Partners, Rudina Seseri, co-founder of Glasswing, and Katie Rae, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Project 11 Ventures and Pillar venture fund with Sarah Hodges as a partner on board. Keeping up great work, Ladies! 

Renata George, Chair at Women.VC

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Christy Shaffer, PhD, is a General Partner at Hatteras Venture Partners. She is a receptor pharmacologist by training and spent years in the pharma/biotech industry, including as a private/public company CEO. In her recent interview she made a strong point: "I am currently on 8 boards and chair half of them. With the exception of one board, I am the only woman. While this could be seen as a challenge, it is also an opportunity to demonstrate that women are good board members and strong chairs. I am working to find other women to join our boards.

Male and female founders disagree on the cause of tech's diversity problem says "State of Startups" study of First Round Capital. 

Women VCs' portfolio  

Jennifer Fonstad of Aspect Ventures and Amy Banse of Comcast Ventures backed wellness company Grokker in $22.5M Series B. 

Internet-born Glossier discovered by Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures back in 2014 has raised fresh $24M Series B.

Chronocam, biologically-inspired vision sensors & computer vision, backed by Alexia Perouse raised new $15M Series B led by Intel Capital.

Numbers and facts to know

About one in five funds has at least one female fund manager, a figure that has not improved since the global financial crisis of 2008.

Large financial centers have lower proportions of women managers than many smaller countries.

The industry's largest firms are more likely to name women as fund managers than smaller firms.

"Fund Managers by Gender-The Global Landscape" MorningStar report

Christine Alyward

Christine Alyward

Fund Managers By Gender - Study