Edith Dorsen of Women’s Venture Capital Fund about women in venture capital

Edith Dorsen of Women’s Venture Capital Fund about women in venture capital

Edith Dorsen is a co-founding partner of Women’s Venture Capital Fund. She has given an interview to Oregon Business about changing climate in venture capital. We've picked the most important theses of it. 

 Photo Credit: Oregon Business

Photo Credit: Oregon Business

"The most ambitious young women today [...] don’t want to work on Wall Street. [...] they are very much attracted to building entrepreneurial ventures. We believe in the next five to 10 years, women are going to become a major force entrepreneurially."

"[At] Women’s Venture Capital Fund ...we have made it absolutely critical we will not be going into a leadership team that doesn’t include women as well as men."

"There is no shortage of opportunities. The much bigger challenge is having a pool of capital."

"If we are to put all sorts of criteria today (the fund defines diversity in terms of gender, not ethnicity or other criteria), we will not achieve venture results. We certainly are very open to diversity of all kinds. Gender diversity produces the lowest-hanging fruit and is the most obvious one for us."

"Last year we looked at 400 companies, approved four and invested in two. Those are pretty daunting numbers."

"We’re all engaged in a risky business, and there is a predisposition to hire and fund people who look and sound like ourselves. There are experiments that show all of us are guilty of that, but specifically in the venture world. I think a lot of the egregious behavior reported in the media is still a fraction of the problem. If men are looking to fund people like themselves, it is unconscious bias."

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