Women Thrive in China's Venture Capital Industry

The largest venture capital fund ever raised by a woman isn’t in Silicon Valley or even the U.S. It's in Beijing.


Following-up on an inspiring Bloomberg article, we would like to share with you an uncommon perspective on women in venture capital world.  

Chen Xiaohong, 46, raised a $500 million fund, the biggest ever by a woman, and increased her assets under management to about $1 billion. Despite the fact that men still hold most power positions in China, and there's plenty of crude sexism in business, the country has quietly become one of the best places in the world for women venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. 

According to different sources, women in the U.S. venture firms make up from 4 to 11 percent of the investing partners. According to Bloomberg's article of Shai Oster and Selina Wang, China is already more balanced: about 17 percent of investing partners are female and 80 percent have at least one woman.

Women led venture funds backed some of China's most successful startups and their influence is growing along with more women recruited by them. Considering the fact, that Chinese ladies found 55 percent of new Internet companies, according to the state estimates, and more than a quarter of all entrepreneurs are women (as opposed to only 22 percent of startups with one or more women on their founding teams in the U.S.), China definitely has a strong precondition for more women in venture capital. 

How do they do that? Read a third party opinion on the matter: it may surprise you even more! has conducted a research on women venture capitalists and their performance in the UniTed States. We are now working on the same research for the Asian countries. We would greatly appreciate any input to that: please, send us names of women venture investors in Asia, their portfolio companies, introductions, news, and any other information that could strengthen women's position in the investment industry worldwide. 

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The competitive advantage of diversity

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